Flight Requirements and Submission Guidelines

(NOTE: You MUST be a verifiable Rescue OR Shelter!)

Fetch Fido A Flight works very hard raising funds to keep this transport FREE for our shelter and Rescue partners.  That said, we would like to thank all of those who have contributed and if you can make a donation to help toward our next flight, that would be amazing.  Donations are not required and will not give your animal(s) higher priority.  FFAF supplies all crates and crate blankets.  

All animals MUST be in a recognized shelter or rescue to be submitted.  Any submission that is not from a shelter or rescue will be denied.  We work closely with our partners to save animals on the euthanasia list.  We are not a rehoming service and we do not take in stray pets.  Misuse of the program will ban your organization from being able to utilize FFAF in the future.  If you are a recognized shelter or rescue and would like to submit a dog and/or cat for a flight please consider the following requirements:
• Must be people/dog friendly (Please disclose any aggressive behaviors)
• Must be healthy (No coughing, diarrhea, vomiting, ringworm, etc. unless preapproved by FFAF)
• Must be free of flea/ticks/worms or recently treated    
• Pre-existing health conditions and/or treatments MUST be disclosed during submission
• Age appropriate vaccines (Pregnant dogs should NOT be vaccinated for DH2PP unless otherwise instructed since it may compromise the mom and/or her puppies)
    - Rabies (3 months or older)
    - DH2PP (6 weeks or older)
    - Bordetella (6 weeks or older)
• Dogs must have a NEGATIVE heartworm/fecal test NO MORE THAN 30 DAYS before flight.  The
    SNAP tests are sufficient for our receiving shelters.  Heartworm test MUST be done EVEN if they
    have been on Heartworm Preventative.
•Puppies 4mo or younger must have a NEGATIVE Parvo test NO MORE THAN 24HRS before flight.
• Health certificate from your Veterinarian NO MORE THAN 10 DAYS from date of flight. See link below for health certificate guideline example. (click on box for example)
• We CAN and WILL take three legged, blind, deaf, etc. if disclosed and selected by receiving shelters

• Must be healthy (No coughing, sneezing, discharge, vomiting, diarrhea, etc. unless preapproved by
• Must disclose Pre-existing health conditions and/or treatments with submission
• Age appropriate vaccines 
    - Rabies (3 months or older)
    - FVRCP (3 weeks or older)
• Must have a NEGATIVE black light Ringworm test
• Must be free of flea/ticks/worms or recently treated   
• Health certificate from your Veterinarian NO MORE THAN 10 DAYS from date of
  flight. See link below for health certificate guideline example.
• ABSOLUTELY NO barn/feral cats will be accepted. MUST be friendly and adoptable
• We CAN and WILL take three legged, blind, deaf, etc. if disclosed and selected by receiving shelters

NOTE: Veterinary records, heartworm/fecal/Parvo testing, pictures/videos, health certificate, and a small animal Bio will be required for flights. See below for a detailed list and links for document examples.

We accept shelter and rescue animals for any shelter or rescue in Oklahoma.  Our flights go to the Northwest United States which have different laws and regulations which is why all documentation must be correct and present with each animal that is confirmed on a flight.  The receiving shelters choose which animals they will accept. Pictures, videos, and a short bio about your animals is vital for them to have a chance at being selected.  Submitting pet(s) for a flight does not automatically confirm a spot on the flight!  Each animal MUST be flagged by the receiving shelter in order to gain a spot on the flight.  Once an animal is flagged, we will contact you so that paperwork and Veterinary care appointments may be made. When submitting an animal for a flight please send the following information/documentation:
• Breed (if mixed breed, make your best guess but be honest)
• Color
• Age (or best guess)
• Sex (F = Female, S = Spayed, M = Male, N = Neutered)

• Weight (NO GUESSING - Must be accurate for weight of load for flight)  
• Microchipped? (If yes, chip number)
• Shelter/Rescue Name
• Shelter/Rescue Contact Person’s Name
• Shelter/Rescue Address
• Shelter/Rescue Phone Number
• Shelter/Rescue Contact Person’s Phone Number
• Is animal bonded/familiar with another animal that can be crated together? If so who?
• Medical Condition (Pregnant, blind, deaf, three legs, on medications, diabetes, etc)
• Comments about animal (good with kids, potty trained, cat friendly, lazy, active, etc.)
• Color photo of animal’s head (No humans/other pets, busy backgrounds, etc...think of this like a

   school portrait of your child w/camera at head level of pet, close up and clear)
• Video of dog(s) with at least one other dog to show personality and sociability with other pets (NOTE: Video must be submitted to YouTube and a link added to the submission email.  Video should be minimum of 2 minutes.)  Please see link below for video examples.

Please submit ALL INFORMATION via email with the animal’s name as the subject title to [email protected] (NOTE: this is a submission email only and NOT a private email.  If you have other concerns/questions please email [email protected])

NOTE:  Any missing information will delay your submission or may be denied.  Please submit one email per animal – NO EXCEPTIONS – This allows us to keep submissions organized.  You may include more than one picture/video as long as they meet the requirements above.  PLEASE wait until you get all the information together and submit ONE email per pet with the pet's name as the subject of the email.

Health Certificate
• Print copy and take with you so your vet knows what is needed.  Up to 10 animals can be on one Health Certificate as long as all pets are going to the same receiving shelter.

​​Photo of Dog OR Cat
• IMPORTANT: Picture MUST look like this to give them the best chance of being selected.


Video Examples

Health Certificate Example
Dog Video 1
Dog Video 2

* Must be YouTube files! *

Photo Examples

SUBMISSION INFO AND PRINTABLE CHECKLIST