ResQwalk App Fundraiser

We have an EASY way to make money for our cause and YOU can help!  
* Download the FREE ResQwalk app on your
* Set your charity to Fetch Fido A Flight by
   clicking on the small magnifying glass in the
   upper right hand corner,  type Fetch Fido A
   Flight in the search bar (CAPITALIZE THE F’s
   and A) and click on it.
* Go back to the "new walk" page (icon at the
   bottom of the screen)
* At the bottom it will now show the DEFAULT
   UP ARROW to the right of the default charity.   
   Now Fetch Fido A Flight will appear as an
* CLICK on 'Fetch Fido A Flight'.
* When you start your activity, click on 'START
   WALK' (round button in the middle of the
* Make sure your charity to support in the
   upper right corner says 'This walk is in
   support of Fetch Fido A Flight" or we won't
   get the credit!

Now keep your phone on your person and walk, run, jog, hike, use the elliptical, threadmill, stair stepper, whatever!!  Every mile you go the app gives us .20cents!  MAKE SURE TO CLICK ON 'START WALK' before you move.  If you walk a lot at work...keep it on all day!!  WOO HOO, you move, we save shelter pets!!