Frequently asked questions

We get asked daily about our program.  Below are a few of the common questions we hear.  If you have a question that hasn't been answered, please email us from our 'Contact Us' page and we will respond.
  1. How Many OKLAHOMA Animals Have You Saved? 689 (2/13/2016 - current)
    Fetch Fido A Flight completed our first flight February 13, 2016. Our short term goal is to save 100 pets per month...long term goal is for there not to be a need to save them at all! We will save as many as we have funds to save. Fetch Fido A Flight, working with local shelters & rescues, has saved 689 pets to date.
  2. What Is The Cost To Save A Pet?
    Cost per pet averages around $250 (flight only). We pay for the entire plane and put as many animals as possible on each transport. The number of pets per plane is dependent upon the size of the animals. The Cost is $16,000 per plane...that is a cargo plane and 2 pilots.
  3. Where Do You Get The Pets From?
    We partner with Shelters and Rescues across the state of Oklahoma to pull at-risk dogs and cats from shelters before they are euthanized. These are HEALTHY and ADOPTABLE animals that have done nothing wrong but find their way into a HIGH KILL shelter.
  4. Are There Breed Restrictions ?
    NO...that said, we are limited on the number of certain breeds. We are able to take a few pit bull or pit mixes each flight but we are limited as to the number due to the receiving shelters needing to be able to have adopters for those dogs.
  5. Who Pays For This?
    This is 100% DONATION funded. The amount of lives we are able to save is TOTALLY dependent upon the amount of donations we receive.
  6. What Are The Requirements For A Pet To Be Eligible?
    They MUST be sociable, friendly, and NON AGGRESSIVE. They will need to have DHLPP, Rabies, and Bordatella before they can fly and MUST be heart worm Neg with a Health Certificate.
  7. My Neighbor Has A Dog She Needs To Find A Home For. Can She Contact You?
    No. Unfortunately we work strictly with rescues and shelters throughout Oklahoma. We work hard to pull pets in the shelter system that are due to be euthanized. We are unable to help individuals rehome their personal pets.
  8. Can my company sponsor a plane?
    YES!!! Absolutely! Not only will you get the tax write-off for your generous donation but you will also get credit in our associated press releases, your company logo will be on the plane flying the dogs, your employees can come out in their company shirts to help with the flight as a day of serving (it's only a few hours), and you will be a sponsor on our website/facebook page/etc. What a great way to impact MANY communities within our great state!
  9. When Is Your Next Flight?
    It's always dependent upon funding. The more donations we get, the more flights we can book! We are close to our funding requirement of $16,000 so we hope to schedule another flight soon!
  10. Why Can't You Use A Cheaper Transport (i.e. Ground Transportation)
    Imagine 70 +/- dogs in crates being transported across county (a three day road trip). There is no way this would be possible due to needing to feed/water/potty all those dogs every few hours. Most states have laws about how long an animal can be transported in crates before needing a break. This just isn't possible with the amount of dogs we are taking at one time. The quickest and safest method for us to hand them off to the receiving shelters is by air transport.