​​Donation Options

We have options for EVERYone!  Individuals, small businesses,
and/or Corporations!!

Our chartered cargo planes cost $16,000 per flight and can hold anywhere from 65 to 100+ animals depending on the size of the pets.  We are so appreciative of a donation in ANY amount.  If you are interested in sponsoring an entire plane, you're a special kind of someone!  If you wish to help us by donating, we are so blessed by your generous act of kindness in helping us fullfill our mission to save shelter pets AND, your donation is TAX DEDUCTIBLE!!!
(consult your CPA) 
 If you prefer to mail us a check, our mailing address is:
Fetch Fido A Flight
PO Box 1166
Edmond, OK 73083
 Please make checks payable to Fetch Fido A Flight
Our Federal Tax ID number is 81-5412813

Individual Donors

$1 to Unlimited

We appricate EVERY donation...big or small.  No matter what amount you give, it's tax deductible and helps us reach our goal of another life saving flight. 

Wills/Estate Giving


This is a way to make a lasting difference.  You can make Fetch Fido A Flight a beneficiary of your estate for any dollar amount or even a % of your estate.  You can also give a certain asset if desired.  Check with your attorney or estate planning professional to see what is right for you. (and be sure to let us know so we can add you to our sponsorship list!)

Corporate Sponsorship

$18,000 to Unlimited

This is for those interested in paying the full amount of the flight and getting ALL the perks!!  We will put your logo on our plane and give you all the media recognition.  You can take video/pictures for your website and fb page, have your employees come volunteer in your company  branded shirts as a day of caring.  AND it's a tax deduction for your company!!  What better way to make a difference in the State in which you are based then saving lives?  Now that makes a CARING difference!


$1 to Unlimited

Many companies will match your charitable donation dollar for dollar. Check with your company to see if they do matching funds.  That cost you NOTHING but doubles the impact of your donation!

Capital Campaign

$1 to Unlimited

Fetch Fido A Flight is growing FAST and the number of pets dying in our shelter system is alarming.  We are working to purchase our own plane to save the leasing cost and allow us to SAVE even MORE!! If you have a plane you would like to donate (tax deductible) please contact us to discuss. We currently lease a Metroliner cargo plane through our friends at Sierra West Airlines .   If you would like to make a monetary donation specifically toward the purchase of our plane, please specify in your donation 'FOR CAPITAL CAMPAIGN'. 

Looking to make a donation but just don't have a lot of extra to give? Good News! There are many other ways to collect funds!
• Have family and friends that are animal lovers? Have a group garage sale! You raise some money,            AND lose some junk!

• Birthday coming up? Instead of receiving store bought gifts, ask for the money they'd spend to be donated to us in your name.

• Coworkers always comparing pet pics and talking about the cute things they do? Have an office drive! Make it fun!

• Do you have a colorful vocabulary but are trying to keep it clean around the kids and coworkers? Start a swear jar at your home and office!

This is just a small example of cheap and easy things you can do to help. You can find many more suggestions online. Ask friends, family, and coworkers for their ideas as well! Whatever amount you manage to raise is dollars and cents that goes toward getting a future pet out of a shelter. No amount is too small. Thanks for your unending support! 

Looking for other ways to